Homesteading right where you already live

Homesteaders Craft Fair Dec 1-2 2017

Townsite Anglican Church (Basement hall), 6310 Sycamore St

Public opening hours:
Fri Dec 1, 5 pm – 8:30 pm
Sat Dec 2, 10 am – 4 pm

The purpose of this event is to provide an outlet for people producing local crafts and garden/farm products from their own property, with a Winter Holiday theme. The emphasis is on local production, local materials or ingredients, recycled or reused materials, eco-friendly materials, sustainable practices, and new and young vendors.

Items you are selling must be produced by you and/or your family. Resellers, MLM sellers, “direct sales” or similar are not appropriate for this event.

Food Products

We will have a concession stand offering ready-to-eat lunch and snack food. Your food products should be intended to be taken home to eat, not to compete with the concession.

There are health regulations that we have to abide by, around what can and cannot be produced in your own kitchen and sold. If you want to sell food, you should read “Guidelines for the Sale of Food at Temporary Food Markets
… paying special attention to the appendices which list examples of Low Risk and High Risk foods. You can make low risk foods at home and sell them without having to get special permission. However, as the market manager I have to keep a list of who is selling food (including low risk foods), and the foods they are selling.

If you want to sell High Risk foods you must get a letter of approval from our local Health Office. The application form is here.

If you have questions about whether what you want to sell is low or high risk, you should contact Michael Nguyen,  our local Environmental Health Officer.


Please fill out the application form below and return it to me by pressing Send at the bottom. The fee is not due until I let you know you are IN!

There will be space for approximately 16-20 vendors, depending on table sizes. Given that I already have 18 people interested in vending before publicising the event at all, we will probably fill up very quickly.

All applications received by midnight Oct 15 will be reviewed together against the factors listed above under “emphasis”, and on the application with checkboxes. The more of these boxes you can check off, the higher you will score. I will also limit the number of very similar vendors so that we don’t end up with too much direct competition – this will be done in order of receipt of application.
If there is space, applications received after Oct 15 will be reviewed and a decision made within 2 days of receipt.

Tables and Fees

Tables vary in size due to what is available at the church. That means that you have a choice!

30″ x 30″ $16
60″ x 30″ $32
78″ x 30″ $40
96″ x 30″ $45
One chair is supplied with each table. There will be plenty of spare chairs for you to have more if needed.

You may alternatively book a space for an 8ft table (expect it to be about 9ft wide by 6 ft deep), but bring your own display to fit into that space: $40

Most tables will be against a wall. Items may be attached to the walls ONLY using green painters tape: no other tape or pushpins or tacks to be used. Existing pictures and decorations on the walls must not be moved or disturbed.

Electricity is available at some table locations. Please request it on the application form if you need it. You will need to bring your own extension cord.

Table location will be assigned according to requests received. No changes will be permitted.

Set Up and Times

Set up times:  Friday 2pm to 4:30pm.

No dollies will be available, so please come prepared to move your own stuff. Level access to the hall with no steps is available through the door that faces towards the Mill. Please move your vehicle away from the door as soon as you have finished unloading, and park away from the church so as to leave room for customers to park.

Doors will close at 4:30 and reopen to the public at 5pm
Doors open for vendors on Satuirday at 9am

Please aim for Zero Waste! and use our compost and recycling bins as needed: take your own garbage away with you.

The Hall will be locked overnight on Friday night so your items should be safe. However, Townsite Anglican Church, Sycamore Commons, the Urban Homesteading School and/or Kevin Wilson will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Application Form

Please send in this form by Oct 31 for best chance at a table.

What size table do you want? (choose one)

30" x 30" $1660" x 30" $3278" x 30" $4096" x 30" $45space only (bringing my own display) $40

Check box if you require electric power

I require power

Which of these apply to you? (check as many as apply)

Please describe what you plan to sell:

Check box if you will be selling food
I will be selling food

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