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Action Groups

It can be hard to carry forward the inspiration and information from a class or workshop into real action. If you want encouragement and support in taking action, join our very first, prototype Action Group!

For this prototype group, you must have Skype and Facebook access. Future groups will not depend on Skype and Facebook, but will require Internet access.

The prototype group will include 5-7 people and run for 6 weeks from the date we get enough folks signed up. The group members will decide whether they want a more structured schedule with a set topic for each week, or if they prefer to set the next week’s topic by discussion within the group. There will be one 1-1.5 hour session per week. Some sessions will be online using a private Facebook group (which will also be available for messaging each other at any time): others will be voice and video via Skype: at least one will be an in-person meeting. Group members will be expected to make commitments to action (chosen by themselves, may be large or small), to follow through on commitments, and to report back to the group. The group will be led by Kevin Wilson.

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