Variety List

Here are the vegetable varieties I plan to use this year.┬áSome are from my own seed, some from reliable local seed savers, others from regional seed companies. Almost all are OP (open pollinated) so you can save seed from them. The few hybrid varieties are for vegetables where the hybrid varieties give a substantial advantage (sweet corn, eggplant, sweet peppers, squash) and/or are so hard to save seed from that no-one is likely to do it anyway (cauliflower, Brussels sprouts). None of these varieties are GMO, of course. (If you’re confused about the difference between GMO, Hybrid and OP, read this.)

Vegetable Variety Comments
Shelling pea Green Arrow bush
Snap pea Cascadia bush
snow pea Oregon Sugar Pod bush
soup pea Carlin vine
Broccoli (summer) Hybrid Broccoli Blend extended harvest
Leaf lettuce mix Salad bowl Soft frilly green
Italian purple purple/green mix
Rouge d’hiver Red leaf edges
Grand Rapids Crisp frilly green
Head Lettuce mix Tom thumb Mini butterhead
Parris Island Cos
Rouge d’hiver
Spring Onions Kincho, Pacific 22
Parsley Curly leaf
Parsley Italian flat leaf
Spinach Monstreux de Viroflay Large leaves and plants
Cauliflower Hybrid cauliflower blend extended harvest
Swiss Chard Bright Lights, Celebration Color mix
Brussels Sprouts Roodnerf OP
Kale Vates slow bolting For harvest into summer
Peas Cascadia Bush Snap
Peas Green Arrow Bush shelling
Peas Oregon Sugar Pod Bush snow
Leeks Varna summer harvest
Leeks Bandit winter harvest
Onions Copra F1 Yellow storage
Onions Calibra OP Yellow storage
Corn Salad species
Asian greens Tendergreen mustard
Giant Red mustard
Pac choi
Cabbage Charmant summer harvest
Dill species
Cilantro species
Summer lettuce Tropicana bolt-resistant
Freckles slow bolt, romaine, speckled
Tomatoes Stupice early, vine, red
Siletz early, bush, red
Silvery Fir maincrop, bush, red
Black Krim maincrop, bush, brown
Rouge de Marmande maincrop, vine, red, large
Bonnie Best maincrop, vine, red, large
Principe Borghese cherry, vine, red
Black Cherry cherry, vine, brown
Gold Nugget cherry, bush, yellow
Tiny Tim cherry, bush, red
Roma VF paste, bush, red
Amish Paste paste, vine, red
Legend paste, vine, red
Geranium Kiss cherry, bush, red
Tomatillo Toma Verde
Zucchini Romanesco Green, striped
Summer Squash Bennings Green Tint Patty pan – pale green
Summer Squash Sunburst F1 Patty pan – yellow
Winter Squash Early Butternut F1
Winter Squash Delicata Honey Boat
Winter Squash Spaghetti
Sweetcorn Peaches & Cream F1 yellow/white (non-GMO)
Pumpkin Small Sugar small orange, for pies
Pumpkin Small Sugar small orange, for pies
Mint Chocolate
Oregano Greek
Lemon Balm
Bee Balm For tea:  red flowered
Catnip regular
Catnip Lemon
Lovage Celery flavor, large plant
Anise Hyssop for tea