Spring Seedlings Order Form

The “Spring Seedlings” flat contains a variety of vegetables, herbs and soft fruit, all ready for planting in late April. You can mix and match to get exactly the mix you want in your flat.

Cost: $35 per flat of approximately 72 plants (depending on your container choices)
Non-refundable deposit of $10 on order, plus balance on delivery of $25
Best “Your choice” options by: Feb 15th
Cutoff date: Mar 14th (Seedy Saturday)
Pickup date: late April

  • If you prefer, you can find a printable order form here, fill it out and mail it in.
  • Please fill out all boxes with a shaded background.
  • Orders can only be accepted from within the Powell River Regional District.
  • Want more than one flat? Just order in multiples of 12 containers in total, and fill out the number of flats at the bottom.
  • One 6-pack is about 6″x4″ and has 6 small plant-spaces in it. A flat, or tray, holds 12 of the 6-packs. So, to order one flat, you need to choose twelve or  more 6-packs (or the equivalent in larger containers, as noted for specific plants).

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Your Choice – 12 containers (or equivalent) will be included, pick at least 15 and mark your priorities.

Crop Variety Container # of containers Priority (1 high, 10 low)
Broccoli Hybrid Broccoli Blend -long harvest 6-pack
Leaf lettuce Mix, multi colours and leaf types 6-pack
Head Lettuce Mix, multi colours and leaf types 6-pack
Spring Onions Kincho, Pacific 22 6-pack
Parsley Curly leaf 6-pack
Spinach Monstreux de Viroflay 6-pack
Cauliflower Hybrid cauliflower blend, long harvest 6-pack
Swiss Chard Bright Lights / Celebration (multi colors) 6-pack
Brussels Sprouts Roodnerf OP 6-pack
Kale Vates, summer harvest 6-pack
Snap Peas - bush Cascadia 6-pack
Shelling Peas - bush Green Arrow 6-pack
Snow Peas - bush Oregon Sugar Pod 6-pack
Leeks Varna (summer harvest) 6-pack
Leeks Bandit (winter harvest) 6-pack
Onions, storage Copra F1, Calibra OP 6-pack
Corn Salad Mache 6-pack
Asian greens Mix of mild mustards and Pac Choi 6-pack
Cabbage Charmant, summer harvest 6-pack
Dill 6-pack
Cilantro 6-pack
Borage 6-pack
Optional donation to support Fiddlers Farm seedlings for community gardens
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cost per flat: $10 deposit $25 on delivery
Total flats ordered Qty Dep $ Bal $

When I receive your order, I will contact you directly about payment of the deposit. The order is not final until the deposit is paid.