Spring Seedlings Order Form

Ordering is now CLOSED for all 2014 Fiddlers Farm seedlings. You can still let me know about varieties you’d like to see next year or check out this year’s variety list.

The “Spring Seedlings” flat contains a variety of vegetables, herbs and soft fruit, all ready for planting in mid-April. You can mix and match to get exactly the mix you want in your flat.

Cost: $35 per flat of approximately 72 plants (depending on your container choices)
Non-refundable deposit of $10 on order, plus balance on delivery of $25
Best “Your choice” options by: Feb 15th
Cutoff date: Mar 8th (Seedy Saturday)
Pickup date: mid April

  • If you prefer, you can find a printable order form here, fill it out and mail it in.
  • Please fill out all boxes with a shaded background.
  • Orders can only be accepted from within the Powell River Regional District.
  • Want more than one flat? Just order in multiples of 12 containers in total, and fill out the number of flats at the bottom.
  • One 6-pack is about 6″x4″ and has 6 small plant-spaces in it. A flat, or tray, holds 12 of the 6-packs. So, to order one flat, you need to choose twelve or  more 6-packs (or the equivalent in larger containers, as noted for specific plants).