Fiddlers Farm plants growing in pots
Fiddlers Farm plants growing in pots

Fiddlers Farm is a micro operation in Powell River, BC, on Canada’s beautiful (and wet!) West Coast. I grow vegetable and herb plants to get your garden started right in the spring, and continue through the summer and fall with your winter garden.

All my plants are grown using organic methods and I make a serious effort to use the least fossil fuels possible and produce as little CO2 as possible.

Fiddlers Farm began in 2003 on Black Point Rd, where I, Kevin Wilson, rented space and grew a small-scale market garden. After moving to a small lot in Cranberry, a market garden was no longer practical but I continued growing plants to sell at the Open Air Market. After a few years off, now I’m doing it again!

Why the name? I picked Fiddlers Farm because I play the fiddle, not knowing at that time that there had been a Fiddlehead Farm locally. The two should not be confused.